Tri-County Construction

Site Preparation and Civil Construction

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Total Recordable Incident Rate is the metric used to compare company performance against National Averages.

2017 - 0.00
2016 - 0.00
2015 - 0.00

The Experience Modification Rate is for determining the workers' compensation premiums annually. Industry average is 1.0.

2017 - 0.70
2016 - 0.70
2015 - 0.70

These hours represent the total hours (Field and Office) completed for each year by TCC.

2017 - 175,734
2016 - 78,000
2015 - 50,000
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Land Clearing

​Site Drainage and Retention Pond

Site Remediation

Removal and disposal of trees, shrubs and vegetation in preparation for site development. 
Installation of drainage systems to ensure water properly and efficiently is removed from the Site. 
​Soil removal and / or stabilization to ensure the developed area supports the designed specification for the intended use. 

Construction and Heavy Haul Roads

Earthwork and Site Development


Installation of construction roads to allow access to a remote project location with limited access. Proper installation of haul roads to safely allow transportation of oversized equipment.
Excavate spoils and import structural fill materials to the designed elevation to support working surfaces, deep foundations or concrete to support the execution of the work.
Installation of geotextile(Grid and Fabric) to provide strength to soils which require additional support.

Underground Utilities

Civil Works

Final Site Grade

Installation of underground drainage, utilities and piping to designed elevation ensuring proper functionality.
Installation concrete foundations, pier caps and embedded anchor bolts per design to support mechanical installation.
Finishing the surface of the work area to the proper elevation and slope to help maintain the final product.